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In Verona there are many places where you can enjoy a nice Happy Hour. But believe me when I say that OSTINATI VERONA is the Best! Me and My Best Friend always come here when we’re in the city. You can get one of the best Spritz (either Aperol or Campari) with €2,50 (drinks and cocktails in general are very cheap). Along with your drink you’ll get so much food: Pizza, Focaccia, Sandwiches, olives, chips, salted peanuts, mozzarella sticks and other fried stuff. There is no menù for the happy hour, every day it changes and it also changes from table to table, but the nicer you are and more food you’ll get! That’s why I recommend to go there by 6.30pm (not before, they’ll know you are not a local 😉), enjoy your happy hour, go on a walk (the longer the better), and then, around 9/9.30pm, go to dinner. This is the ultimate Italian experience. Believe me!

laura_comin 2 years ago

They have the best and cheapest aperitivo! Drinks are very good and they bring a lot of food!

laura_comin 3 years ago

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