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Lassen Volcanic National Park

A Northern California park known for its active hydrothermal areas, clear mountain lakes, and the southernmost active volcano in the Cascade Range.

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One of California’s lesser-visited parks offers more than 150 miles of hiking trails through unusual territory. Lassen Volcanic National Park was registered as a protected natural area after 10,462-foot Lassen Peak erupted in 1915 in order to conserve and study the area’s newly-formed volcanic features. At Lassen, otherworldly landscapes abound, from steaming volcanic mud pits at Sulfur Works to the boiling pools of Bumpass Hell. Nowhere else in the state of California offers a trek quite like Cinder Cone Trail, which brings hikers past “Fantastic Lava Beds” to the crater of the eruption site. Visitors can also enjoy more conventionally beautiful scenery on hikes through conifer forests to mountainous alpine campouts and summit lakes. And in winter, in spite of the park’s hydrothermal phenomena, Lassen can get up to 30 feet of snow each season turning it into a forested winter wonderland for the backcountry skiers and snowshoers.

savannah.whitmer 3 years ago

Lassen Volcanic National Park is a world of stark contrasts. One minute you’ll be gazing at harsh lava fields and smoking calderas, as plumes of sulfur and smoke twist and turn in the dry air. The next, you could be navigating a forest of fragrant red firs and aspens, spotting wildflowers and butterflies in hidden alpine valleys. Most visitors come to see geothermal sites like Bumpass Hell, but you can also hike and camp to your heart’s content in this corner of Cali.

jrfrancis 3 years ago

Lassen Volcanic National Park is a standout destination on any California national park road trip, offering visitors a chance to explore its unique hydrothermal sites like Bumpass Hell and the sulfurous vents at Sulphur Works. This lesser-known gem is located in northern California and boasts a landscape molded by its volcanic history, including the picturesque Lassen Peak, which is the largest plug dome volcano in the world. Along the way, hikers, and nature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in striking vistas, alpine meadows, and the serene beauty of Manzanita Lake, making it a must-see stop between the forests of Yosemite and the coastal redwoods.

seeker 7 months ago

Lassen Volcanic National Park is an enchanting stop on a California National Parks Road trip, nestled in the northeastern part of the state. It offers a unique landscape shaped by its volcanic history, with steaming fumaroles, meadows dotted with wildflowers, clear mountain lakes, and numerous hiking trails, including the chance to trek up Lassen Peak itself. As one of the lesser-visited parks compared to its famous neighbors like Yosemite and Sequoia, Lassen offers a more tranquil experience amid California's diverse and stunning wilderness areas.

gocamp 3 months ago

One of Cali’s lesser-known NPs is Lassen Volcanic National Park. It’s a fantastic glimpse of the woods and peaks of the Sierra Nevadas, only with way less busy camping than down in, say, Tahoe.

jrfrancis 3 years ago

Lassen Volcanic National Park is dotted with dynamic landscapes, from several volcanoes to fields of wildflowers and crystal clear mountain lakes. Experience hiking trails, bubbling fumaroles, and embrace the unique nature and wildlife of this Northern Californian National Park.

seeker 3 years ago

Camping, swimming, hiking

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