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Vices & Versa

A renowned craft beer bar in Montréal featuring a wide selection of local brews, cozy ambiance, and a charming terrace.

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It’s not hard to find good beer in Montréal. The drinking age is 18, after all. For all you beer drinkers out there, don’t worry about about planning ahead, there’s no shortage of brew pubs across the city and you should stumble on one or two every few blocks. Each serves up classic drafts to unique finds, including both local and international brews. Our personal faves? Vices & Versa and Benelux. How to: If you’re looking to hit all the best spots, take a 3 to 5 hour tour via City Brew Tours. You’ll get to sip 16+ local craft beers and enjoy a gourmet beer-paired meal.

leah 5 years ago

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