Bolivia Puno


A Bolivian town on the shores of Lake Titicaca known for its religious festivals, Moorish-style cathedral, and as a gateway to Isla del Sol.

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Yes, there is a place of the same name in Brazil and to be honest it’s probably more famous because of the beach there. You won’t find the beach here but I prefer the Bolivian Copacabana. It’s located on Lake Titicaca and is where, allegedly, the first Inca was born. The sunsets here over the lake will rival any place on the planet and the White Cathedral is well worth a visit too. I got a private room for 20 bucks at Hostal Luis with free breakfast. It’s in a good part of town and easy to reach all the main sites.

onestep4ward 4 years ago

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  • Cheap Stops to include on while you overland Bolivia

    onestep4ward (Johnny Ward)
    If you’re travelling through South America Bolivia is definitely going to be on the agenda. It’s a top place to visit and people love traveling here because you can do it on a budget. You’ll likely be arriving overland from one of its neighbours, Brazil or Peru. Here are 8 places to stop on your adventure across Bolivia.