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A historic district in Granada known for its narrow winding streets, whitewashed houses, and stunning views of the Alhambra palace.

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Situated on the opposite hill of the Alhambra is the district of Albayzín, the two of which make up the medieval part of Granada. The serene Islamic architecture of this residential neighborhood harmoniously blends with the traditional Andalusian architecture, while the religious, political, and poetic style of the Nasrid Dynasty has been injected with healthy doses of Spanish Renaissance and Baroque culture over the centuries. The medieval town planning and uneven landscape make for spontaneous viewpoints of Granada, making its cobblestone streets the perfect place to simply wander and get lost.
Albayzín is the origin of the city of Granada, and its original spirit can be felt throughout. The timeworn buildings and Arab-flavored street life makes for a gritty and scruffy ambiance that’s rougher around the edges, but it’s part of what makes Granada such a fascinating place where cultures once collided. The bohemian shops selling incense, leather bags, and multicolored lamps are more reminiscent of the streets of Morocco than the traditional image of Spain.

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