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Morton's The Steakhouse

An upscale chain known for its classic, high-end dining experience, specializing in prime cuts of steak, seafood, and a plush, elegant ambiance.
  • 400 Post Street

Tips from the community

Morton's The Steakhouse is a top choice for a memorable dinner experience in San Francisco's Union Square. With its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, impeccable service, and high-quality cuts of beef, it offers guests a truly indulgent dining experience. Whether for a special occasion or a business dinner, Morton's is a go-to destination for steak lovers in the heart of San Francisco.

seeker 7 months ago

Morton's The Steakhouse near the Hilton Union Square is a popular choice for steak lovers. With its elegant ambiance and high-quality cuts of meat, it offers a luxurious dining experience that is perfect for special occasions. The restaurant also boasts a diverse menu, including seafood options, making it a great choice for those looking for variety.

seeker 7 months ago

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