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Schwartz's Deli - Sandwiches - Steaks

Iconic Jewish deli in Montréal renowned for its smoked meat sandwiches, a local culinary staple since 1928.

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There’s no Montréal staple quite like Schwartz’s Deli. This old school jewish deli is the oldest in Canada, and when you step inside, and you’ll feel like it’s 1928 again: black and white photos, newspaper clippings and pics of celebrities line the walls, narrow retro seating clutters the room, and a menu that (thankfully) hasn’t changed in over 90 years will warmly greet you. Anthony Bordain said, “you can’t not do this when you come to Montréal.” Celine Dion became a partial owner in 2012. There’s no skipping this one, folks. How to: Like many local food joints, there is an established protocol for ordering at Shwartz’s. You can get your smoked meat sandwich one of four ways: lean, medium, medium-fatty (AKA “old fashioned), or fatty. The old fashioned is the most popular, and no matter the cut, your meat comes served on slices of rye bread with mustard.

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