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A beach town known for its lighthouse, surfing, fishing, and laid-back atmosphere, at the easternmost tip of Long Island.

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Hope, love, desperation, perfect alliteration— when Eternal Sunshine's Kate Winslet says "Meet me in Montauk" as memory-Clementine, you freaking feel it. This tiny ocean town at the tip of Long Island would normally be a skip for me, but every time I watch the movie, I think: "I'd be totally down to cry on one of those beaches."

leah 3 years ago

Montauk Guides

  • Spend a weekend in Montauk

    mustangdmv (Danielle Call)
    Some places to visit and where I'd like to go in Montauk, NY.
  • ultimate movie-inspired bucket list

    leah (Leah Fishman)
    I'm definitely not a film nerd, and can't tell you anything about the magic behind the scenes, but what I can say is: watching these places on screen makes me feel things. From the shoe-box Vienna record shop in 'Before Sunrise' to the sweaty Italian cobblestone streets in 'Call Me By Your Name,' I'd go out of my way to visit the real-life places that inspired all my comfort movie dreams.