Czech Republic Hlavní město Praha


A charming coffee shop located in the capital city of the Czech Republic, offering a variety of delicious beverages and a cozy atmosphere.

Cafefin Lists

  • Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Prague!

    reinacartagena (Reina Cartagena )
    Did you know that there are almost 85,000 Vietnamese people living in the Czech Republic? As the third-largest ethnic group in the country, the Vietnamese have had a huge cultural impact on Prague. Especially on the food scene. So much so that people in Prague sometimes refer to Vietnamese food as “Prague’s Second Cuisine”. As a Vietnamese food lover here is my top! :)
  • My Fav Cafes in Prague!

    reinacartagena (Reina Cartagena )
    I might be weird for not liking coffee but I do enjoy really nice coffee shops! Here is my top! Even if you don't like coffee like ( weirdo) You can enjoy a delicious hot or cold drink here.