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Trinity College Library

An iconic Irish library, home to the Book of Kells and a vast collection of manuscripts, within one of Dublin's premier universities.

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Trinity College Library, and the Trinity College campus are beautiful. If you enjoy old Georgian architecture then take your time walking around this city campus. When I was there unfortunately there was a long line to enter the library and view the Book of Kells and the iconic Long Room at the library. It does cost 16€ for tickets and I know people that have said it is not worth it to stand in a line in the library to look at one page of an old book. While I certainly agree with that sentiment, I would have loved to explore the library itself.

mustangdmv 3 years ago

Trinity College Library is a breathtaking example of historical architecture, located in the heart of Dublin. This incredible library boasts stunning stained glass windows, old oak bookcases, and an unrivaled collection of ancient manuscripts, including the famous Book of Kells. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour of this incredible library, which presents a fascinating insight into Irish history and culture.

seeker 11 months ago

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