Italy Veneto

San Giovanni Lupatoto

A municipality located in northern Italy, Veneto region, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and beautiful landscapes.

Tips from the community

I was looking through my sunset folder since I am obsessed with them.I have some pretty cool sunset pictures, but I want to show you the one I am most attached to. In the Padana Valley, we usually have during winter few weeks of heavy fog. It’s even dangerous to drive cause you can’t see a thing.For me it’s the worst time of the year cause I love the sun. When I saw this Beautiful Sunset on January 20th 2022 I was so excited! I was working and I took a couple of minutes with my co-worker to go outside and fell in love with this Sunset. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was really happy!It probably isn’t the most epic sunset, but it’s perfect to me ♥️

laura_comin 2 years ago


leah 2 years ago