Grand Canyon National Park: The Complete Guide for 2020

You’ve read about it in books. You’ve seen it in the movies. Offering unique adventures and otherworldly views, Grand Canyon National Park lives up to the hype plus some. This “great wonder of nature” (President Theodore Roosevelt’s words, not mine) is the largest of the three Arizona national parks, open year-round, and welcomes over 5.5 […]

Saguaro National Park: The Complete Guide for 2020

“Do whatever you want” – the Saguaro cactus. Pronounced “suh·waa·row,” these tree-like blossoming desert cacti are kind of hard to define. They can live 200 years. They can grow up to 49 arms. But there’s no pressure, so some of them don’t grow any arms at all. Some Saguaros spend 10 years growing only two […]