What Not To Do In NYC

Danielle Call

When you visit NYC there are a lot of things that people think are "must see" things. I can bet a good chunk of those things are generally avoided by New Yorkers. So this list is a little backwards - places to not go in NYC.

The Bagel Store - Original Rainbow Bagel, Staten Island Ferry, Strand Book Store, Empire State Building, Starbucks, Times Square, Shake Shack

  • The Bagel Store - Original Rainbow Bagel in New York, United States

    Image of The Bagel Store - Original Rainbow Bagel on Seeker
    • mustangdmv

      I've had the rainbow bagel, and a red white and blue bagel; and they taste like Play-Dough. They look fun, and are great for photos on Instagram, but man, that might have been one of the worst bagels I've ever had. Their normal bagels looked good, but just don't get the rainbow ones. You'll be sorely disappointed.

  • Staten Island Ferry in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      I'll admit I've done this cuz it sounds like a great way to save money - free ferry ride across the harbor and a way to see the Statue of Liberty. I promise you it is NOT worth it. Spend the $20 to actually go to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. The thing about the ferry is that it takes you to Staten Island. And you have to get off the ferry and wait in the terminal for about 30 minutes before they'll let you back on to go back to Manhattan. Not worth it.

  • Strand Book Store in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Guys, it's a bookstore. Like any other bookstore. Unless you actually plan on purchasing one of the original editions of something that is stored upstairs in the glass cases, then you don't need to go to the Strand.

  • Empire State Building in New York, United States

    Image of Empire State Building on Seeker
    • mustangdmv

      Head over to 34th Street to take in the giant building. It really is incredible, however I would recommend heading over to the Top of the Rock to get that amazing view of the NYC skyline (including the Empire State Building). Also Top of the Rock is much cheaper than Empire State if you're looking to budget your trip.

  • Starbucks in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      I promise I love Starbucks and would choose it over Dunks any day, BUT, NYC is full of adorable amazing little cafe's that are so much better than Starbucks (and Dunks). Find a local spot, grab a latte, and hang out by the window and people watch.

  • Times Square in New York, United States

    Image of Times Square on Seeker
    • mustangdmv

      Most New Yorkers try to avoid Times Square like the plague. It's busy, there are creepy character people walking around, and tourists that just stop in the middle of the sidewalk (at least step to the side). You'll probably go to Times Square if you visit, but go at night and stay towards the top of it around 48th/49th street; it won't be quite as busy and you'll get full view of the lights.

  • Shake Shack in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Shake Shack. Listen, I get it if you just want a "quick" burger and fries but there are so many better places to eat that are local one of a kind New York picks. You're better than Shake Shack.