Delicious Food Festivals in the US

Danielle Call

One of the things I like to travel for is FOOD! I love trying new flavors and learning new ways to work with food. This list consists of some of the food festivals in the US that I would love to experience from the Bacon Festival in Iowa to the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in Hawaii. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

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  • Vermont Maple Festival Council, United States

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      It's only right that Vermont would host a Maple Festival every year. People travel from all over the country to visit Vermont and get some of that sweet sweet Grade A Amber Vermont maple syrup! This festival has pretty much anything you can make maple (think candy, popcorn etc), syrup tastings, and obviously a pancake breakfast.

  • What The Fluff Festival in Somerville, United States

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      This is a different type of festival, and one you don't see...anywhere else. If there's one thing Bostonians like to tell you, its that "'so and so' was invented right here in Boston!" Well thats actually the case for Marshmallow Fluff invented in Somerville. Each year the festival celebrates in Union Square with games, costumes, and of course delicious marshmallow treats!

  • Oak Street Po-Boy Festival in New Orleans, United States

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      If you go to New Orleans you'll be sure to find one, or ten, amazing Po' Boy sandwiches. At the Oak Street Po' Boy festival you can taste tons of different types of Po' Boys from German goulash to fried Maine lobster! There are over 40 vendors that are a part of this festival that attracts over 60,000 people to the Big Easy each year.

  • Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, United States

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      Hey all you meat eaters out there, this one's for you! If you love bacon as much as the next person then the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival should be on your list! Each year the theme changes, but it centers around bacon and flavors and foods that you can pair it with. For example last year was pairing bacon with Caribbean flavors. YUM!

  • Gourmet Kona Coffee Company in Kailua-Kona, United States

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      In November every year, the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is held in Kona Hawaii. It is a 10 day festival where you can see how coffee is harvested, taste different kinds of Kona Coffee and learn about its history as a part of Hawaii. I love coffee and have never been to Hawaii so this seems like a great excuse to get to the aloha state!

  • Key Lime Festival in Merritt Island, United States

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      Key Lime pie is probably one of my favorite kinds of pie (besides pumpkin because, obviously). The Key Lime Festival in Florida features a key lime pie eating contest, other key lime baked goods, and different food and rum vendors that showcase the local goods.

  • Truckeroo in Washington, United States

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      I don't know abut you, but I LOVE a food truck! Truckeroo is a festival in DC that brings together over 20 different food trucks to one location. There are also games and live music to keep you occupied and allow for some digestion between samples!

  • Apple Scrapple in Delaware, United States

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      Every October in Bridgeville, DE you can experience the Apple, Scrapple Festival! Apples make perfect sense for a fall festival, and while scrapple takes a little more getting used you, you should try it for the experience. There are also other food vendors and and craft fair as a part of this festival.

  • Milford Oyster Festival in Milford, United States

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      New England and oysters are basically synonymous right?? The Milford Oyster Festival will have over 30,000 oysters harvested from the Milford CT waters! There are also bands for your entertainment, and of course other delicious food and beer options.

  • Memphis Food & Wine Festival in Memphis, United States

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      Food, wine, music, and art! What more are you looking for in a festival?! Every October the Memphis Food & Wine Festival is held in partnership with La Bonheur Children's hospital to benefit families and children in need of care. Enjoy the culinary experts and shows throughout the weekend while supporting a good cause.

  • Kodiak Chamber of Commerce, United States

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      Each year the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce hosts the Kodiak Crab Festival (originally known as the King Crab Festival)! A week long festival in Kodiak Alaska, you can eat all the crab you could ever dream about, ride carnival rides, and spend some extra time exploring Alaska while you're up there!

  • Gilroy Garlic Festival Association in Gilroy, United States

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      If you love garlic like I do, then the Gilroy Garlic Festival HAS to be on your list! Plan a trip to California for some sun and beach time with a stop in Gilroy for the Garlic Festival held every July. It features cooking competitions, arts and crafts (apparently garlic braiding is a thing?) and of course food vendors!

  • 9th Ave. Food Festival NYC in New York, United States

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      The 9th Ave International Food Festival is held every May in NYC on 9th Avenue. It runs from 42nd street all the way up to 57th making it one of the largest food/street festivals in the city. My husband and I were lucky enough to live on 10th Ave for a while and could walk outside and try food from all over the world when this festival was happening.