Must Try Bubble Tea Spots in NYC

Madeleine Ray

This trendy and *normally served* icy beverage is my constant summer craving. Nothing quite says summer to me like sipping on a fruity tea full of sticky tapioca pearls while strolling around the city. NYC has no shortage of amazing boba spots imported from around the world to satisfy whatever you are craving- whether it's unique seasonal concoctions or just a good ol' milk tea with 50% ice and 50% sugar (well that's my go-to at least). Whether you are a picky boba aficionado or tapioca pears just aren't quite your thing, be sure to give these shops a chance because a lot of the items are highly customizable. Yes, that means you can get a milk tea sans boba at any of these spots.

KOI Thé Union Square, Gong Cha, The Alley 鹿角巷, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, Kung Fu Tea, ViVi Bubble Tea, Bubbleology

  • KOI Thé Union Square in New York, United States

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      Koi The puts emphasis on using the best ingredients and carefully brewed tea to serve spectacular- and tasty- boba concoctions around the world. The artisanal tea served here is truly something: exquisite taste and beautiful appearance, with customizable sugar and ice to make sure it's perfect for you. Stop by The Union Square location for a cup of boba you will never forget.

  • Gong Cha in New York, United States

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      Gong Cha is an internationally respected bubble tea utopia that serves elegantly prepared teas with perfectly soaked sugary tapioca pearls. I made it sound quite fancy, fear not, Gong Cha is a cozy spot for tasty tea at an affordable price. A staple on the global boba scene, Gong Cha draws lines to taste its famous bubble tea in almost every city that it's based.

  • The Alley 鹿角巷 in New York, United States

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      The Alley might just win *most aesthetic* out of all the boba shops in NY. A Taiwanese chain that features carefully crafted and unique boba concoctions in iconic dome-shaped cups, The Alley is my personal favorite. Enjoy unique seasonal twists like crunchy strawberry boba, or their most famous brown sugar boba, or pretty much anything you can imagine, at this highly Instagrammable location.

  • CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in New York, United States

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      Coco's is a globally adored boba chain that sticks primarily to the basics, if you see a branch while in manhattan make sure to stop by for some ice-cold milk tea and bubbles served to perfection. With a variety of fresh juice flavors, popping boba, and creamy milk teas, Coco most likely has exactly what you are looking for.

  • Kung Fu Tea in New York, United States

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      Kung Fu tea is a delectable and affordable chain that you can find in every neighborhood of the city. With an extensive and comprehensive menu and plenty of other savory dishes and sweet treats on the menu- Kung fu tea has something for everyone, for pretty much any afternoon-in-the-city occasion.

  • ViVi Bubble Tea in New York, United States

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      ViVi Bubble tea is a neon pink bubble tea classic from Taiwan that now graces the shores of Manhatten- with plenty of spots across the city to get your tapioca fix. With classic flavors like iced matcha and seasonal options to boot, ViVi Bubble tea is a great starter-bubble tea shop to take your friend who hasn't quite jumped on the trend yet.

  • Bubbleology in New York, United States

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      Bubbleology is a colorful spot that features an array of bubble tea flavors served any way you can imagine. Enjoy adult cocktail bubble teas or just a classic milk tea with a healthy helping of gooey tapioca pearls. This low-key west village location is packed full of exciting things to try for any bubble tea lover exploring this hip neighborhood of the city.