Getting Hygge With It: 5 of the Coziest Cafés in Copenhagen

Sarah Lempa

Chicago, USA

Copenhagen manages to be incredibly trendy, yet cozy and welcoming all at the same time — a winning trio, if you ask me. With an unpretentious café scene that will steal your heart (and wallet), it’s easy to find a favorite hangout among the city’s diverse offerings. From book-centric alcoves to ornate basement tea rooms, the options are bountiful for your daily brew.

Rain or shine, the Danish capital has you covered with a plethora of unique spots to grab a coffee and hunker down for a peaceful hygge afternoon.

Paludan Bog & Café

Copenhagen Café:Paludan Bog & Café
Paludan Bog & Café, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Calling all beer-drinking bibliophiles: This Copenhagen café boasts a grand selection of coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, and even beer and cocktails. Paludan is the biggest café on this list, but you might mistake it for a campus bookstore from the outside looking in. This popular study hangout for students is conveniently located near Copenhagen University, so don’t be surprised if its swamped during finals week.

The walls are filled with a seemingly endless library of books, making you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a secret library in some old home. If you start to get hungry after endless hours of reading and cuddling up, you can check out their full menu to satisfy your cravings. With books, baked goods, and brews, Paludan takes care of all the essentials.

The Living Room

The Living Room, Copenhagen, Denmark.

This café in Copenhagen’s city center lives up to its namesake. I’d describe it as a collection of several living rooms stitched together into one big, cozy, three-floored haven that you’ll never want to leave. From the outside, you won’t be able to see the three separate floors that make up this unique spot. It’s an unsuspecting secret marvel, to say the least.

After ordering at the upstairs coffee bar, descend into the Moroccan-styled basement to become immersed in a brightly decorated environment with a fireplace, twinkling lanterns, melty candles, and a sea of embroidered cushions. Come to The Living Room for a coffee or tea, stay for brunch, and then linger all afternoon curled up with a book to appreciate the warm atmosphere. On a chilly day in Copenhagen, it’s your go-to home away from home.

Big Apple

Big Apple, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Smoothie seekers, look no further than Big Apple — a juice café delivering all of the classic goods along with a few creative concoctions. It’s centrally located in Copenhagen right by the botanical gardens and Rosenborg Castle, making it an easy stop off point. The space is bright and airy with two floors filled to the brim with verdant greenery and rustic, yet minimalistic décor.

Apple, avocado, and lemon might sound like a bizarre smoothie combination, but trust me, I’ve been trying to recreate this drink ever since (with a less than stellar success rate, sadly). Try something you normally wouldn’t, or ask the staff to whip up their favorite concoction for you — odds are you’ll find a new favorite.

The Donut Shop

The Donut Shop, Copenhagen, Denmark.

While strolling down the street in Copenhagen’s city center, it’s easy to miss the petite entryway of The Donut Shop café. This coffee and donut emporium is a basement favorite among university students and anyone else who notices the small shop front from outside. Not only are the donuts killer, the staff are friendly and they have some seriously Shazam-worthy playlists.

Grab a donut or two and take your pick between several comfortable lounge chairs and fluffy couches. It’s a suitable spot to get work done, kick back solo, or socialize with some buddies over a game of cards.

Café Arabica

Café Arabica, Copenhagen, Denmark.

This charming pick is located in the beginnings of Nørrebro: Copenhagen’s creative, multicultural neighborhood. The area boasts an impressive amount of kebab restaurants, vintage shops, and laid-back cafes just like this one. Café Arabica is off the beaten path, hardly even showing up on Google Maps without a proper search of the name — a hallmark of a fabulous find. By taking a quick turn off the main street, Nørrebrogade, you’ll find yourself in this quiet spot known for its cheesecake.

The café features wooden walls and furniture, Moroccan-inspired décor, and luminous lantern chandeliers. The Chai lattes are also remarkable: pair it with your cheesecake and call it lunch…that counts, right?