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We’re looking for a diverse team of freelance writers with extensive (and expert!) travel experience. What do we mean by expert?

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  • Your perspective is unique and completely out of the box.
  • If we like your work, you’d love nothing more than to build out a region-specific content library with us.

Before submitting a piece or pitching us an idea, please check out our previously published work to get a good feel for our vibe. 

Here are some of our favorites and why:

31 of the Best Things to Do in Montréal

Why we like it: Diverse, thorough, and filled with tons of relevant links/pro tips

Bird’s Eye View: 23 of the Best Aerial Views in the World

Why we like it: Photo-heavy, social, sharable, and fun.

The Best 420 Events Around the World

Why we like it: A unique and expert spin on a hot new niche travel category.

Hidden Australian Beaches: 4 Best-Kept-Secret Destinations

Why we like it: If you make us laugh so hard we cry, we’ll probably want to work with you.

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Our Current Lineup

“Things to Do in…”

A list of things to do centered around a place, city, region, or country. Examples:

45 of the Best Things To Do in Japan

Japan: one of the most fruitful (and beautiful) nations on Earth. While other travel destinations may have just a single city, mountain, museum, castle, or cuisine to draw travellers and tourists in, there are thousands of things to do in Japan. Plus some. There’s seriously no end to what Japan has to offer, and it’s possibly […]

31 of the Best Things to Do in Iceland

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is a country to be reckoned with. Isolated between Europe and North America in the far-flung Atlantic, it’s a country in the midst of its own making: volcanoes and glaciers shape the countryside while waterfalls charge off moss-laden cliffs and hot springs bubble forth from below. Lunar-like lava […]

37 of the Best Things to Do in Peru

Come for the world wonders. Stay for the alpacas. Peru’s got a magnetic pull that makes it pretty darn impossible to leave. In a single week, you could be conquering mountain passes high in the Andes, surfing along the vibrant Pacific Coast, and sweatily swatting at mosquitoes deep in the Amazon. A buzzin’ Latin nightlife […]

Seeker Bucket List

A list of things to do centered around a travel niche, lifestyle or theme. Examples:

Best Places to Celebrate Hanukkah Around the World 2021

We all know that the best thing to do during Hanukkah is to celebrate with family and friends. It’s a time to appreciate your loved ones and honor an amazing, deep-seated tradition. But if you suddenly feel the urge to travel around the world (who doesn’t every once and awhile?), then we’ve got the perfect […]

10 Creative First Date Ideas in Toronto For Any Budget

When a quiet stroll through the St. Lawrence Market followed by dinner and a movie simply doesn’t cut it anymore, this may be your cue to switch things up. As a dynamic city that’s always in motion, Toronto is the perfect place to get adventurous with your romantic endeavors. Whether you’re shaking off those first date jitters with […]

The Best Festivals For Black Travelers 2022

Community and Blackness go hand-in-hand. Simply put, it’s not easy living in a world where your culture is constantly appropriated and commodified without credit. As a response, we’ve collectively begun carving out spaces of boldness and Blackness designed by us, for us. While joining Black travel groups and following inspiring Black travel bloggers bring us together, […]

Expert Guide

A digital guidebook filled with expert advice on a place, city, region, country, or theme. Examples:  

Zion National Park: The Complete Guide for 2021

If you love: crying out of sheer happiness, seeing something so beautiful that you take 80 pictures of basically the same thing, and the Milky Way, Zion National Park is the place for you. From extreme hikes for those who don’t mind heights to leisurely paved strolls along the Virgin River, at this uber-famous Utah national […]

Flyin’ High: 2021 Cannabis Travel Guide

Weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot, grass, ganja, dope, mary jane, hash, 420: we’re talking about that good good stuff. It’s been used medicinally for thousands of years. Politics in the 20th century led to the criminalization of weed around the world, but lucky for us, that legal status is quickly changing. As countries move toward legalization, […]

Lassen Volcanic National Park: The Complete Guide for 2021

There’s no doubt about it: Lassen Volcanic National Park is a weird and wild place. Where else can you lurch from steaming fumaroles and broiling mud plots to idyllic alpine scenery with the turn of a hiking trail? Where else can you scramble up Cinder Cone scree slopes by day and gaze into some of […]

Weekend Itinerary

A weekend getaway, carefully curated by your favorite travel expert. Examples:

The Blonde Abroad’s Guide to a Weekend in New Orleans

Welcome to the weird, wonderful, and truly one-of-a-kind streets of the Big Easy. Even if you’ve been all over the United States, you’ve never been anywhere quite like New Orleans. Often lost in the so-called flyover country, Louisiana is an undiscovered gem for countless travelers. A world away from California, New York, Florida and other […]

Montréal Itinerary: A Laid-Back Weekend in Montréal

Famous for its electric vibe and rockin’ nightlife, there are hundreds of things to do in Montréal after dark: mad Montréal events, music festivals, swanky bars, and sexy cabaret shows. But where do you go if you just want to sunbathe in a park, see some art, soak in a hot pool, and eat your […]

Iceland Itinerary: Our Top 4 Road Trip Routes

Welcome to Iceland, where the rugged and natural beauty can be found in icy blue waterfalls, black beaches, massive volcanos, and sparkling northern lights. Unlike other spots around the world, Iceland’s wild (and relatively untouched) landscape demands to be conquered slowly, carefully, and on its own terms. Road tripping is undisputedly one of the best […]