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Are dogs allowed in Sequoia National Park?



Thinking about traveling to Sequoia National Park with your pooch? On the surface, it sounds dreamy. After all, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks boast over 1000 miles of hiking trails – from accessible, fully paved trails that take you to the top things to do in Sequoia National Park, like the world’s largest tree General Sherman, to advanced assents up the highest peak in the US. Sounds like the perfect dog vacay. But unfortunately, although pets are technically allowed at Sequoia National Park, they are prohibited on all trails, making it less than ideal. According to the National Parks Service, dogs and other pets are restricted to paved roads, parking lots, picnic areas and Sequoia National Park campgrounds. Dogs are allowed on trails within national forests surrounding the parks though. As always there are exceptions for service dogs. 

For the latest information about bringing dogs and other pets to Sequoia National Park, check the NPS website.

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