Torres del Paine

Formerly at the top of my Bucket List until 2016 when I completed the "Q" circuit with my best trekking friend. Whatever kind of trek you're looking for, Torres del Paine will not disappoint you. Unless of course, you show up unprepared. Some key advice to consider before, during, and after this adventure: Keep your food and snacks out of your packs and pockets and off the ground at night or you'll wake up with mouse holes in your gear. The weather and wind can change in an instant. Pack your bag for all seasons. You're not a wuss if you bring hiking poles. Young, fit, experienced trekkers will meet with Hiker's knee if they're not careful here. Most camps have a Free Food bin. Take a peek and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what people will leave behind and up for grabs. Grab it! When you complete the trek and arrive back in Puerto Natales, reward yourself with a satisfying meal. But take a shower first. Mesita Grandé is a known favorite for its pizzas and pints (*in Chile a pint = un "schop"). There are also some cafés and pubs with great vibes to celebrate your epic trek. Remember to leave no trace while you're exploring this legendary land.

Chile Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica

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