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Krka encompasses Croatia’s famous series of 7 waterfalls alongside the Krka River. Witness some of the world’s most beautiful blue and green hues as you walk along the scenic trails. A plus is that you can swim amongst some of the famous chutes while visiting Krka National Park.

Krka get very crowded during peak season, but if you find yourself i Croatia, you absolutely have to go! The best way to see Krka is walking the designated path to see all the waterfalls and then going for a dip in the water.

Straddling the Krka River as it weaves and winds its way through the pines and hornbeams from the body-packed Dalmatian Riviera, the Krka National Park is one for the water lovers. The piece de resistance is the Skradinski Buk area, which hosts a whopping 17 waterfalls. They gush across small bluffs into lavender-fringed pools that are crystal clear. Other visitors will head for the Roški Slap part of the park, which has green river ways and hardy hiking paths cut into the cliffs.

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