This place is know for zip lining and for good reason. With companies representing all different adrenaline levels, you can find one that fits your scare-threshold. Monteverde is also high up in the mountains and is often in the clouds, so it can be a very different temperature than the rest of the country.

Truly a mountain town, you may find yourself lost in the clouds! Monteverde is known for the best ziplining in Costa Rica, with single stretches at 1 kilometer long. Super friendly hostels as well.

For canopy walks in Monteverde Cloud Forest and encounters with 52 different types of hummingbirds.

Costa Rica Puntarenas Province

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  • Traveling Solo in Costa Rica I'll admit, solo travel is not my favorite. But I had a killer time in Costa Rica, because there was so much to do and everyone was so friendly. I made friends at hostels everywhere I went (except San Jose!) and had such an amazing time. Doesn't hurt that everything is so cheap either!
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