Urumqi is the modern and populous capital of the province of Xinjiang. The city surprises you with its skyscrapers, an out-of-place sight of modernity in the middle of the desert. Visit the Erdaoqiao Market to see the ethnic diversity of the region and taste the best Uyghur cuisine, which stands out for its dishes based on rice, vegetables and lamb, and yellow noodles, in addition to a large number of fruits such as grapes, apricots, and watermelons. It is worth adding the Museum of Ethnic Minorities to your must-see China itinerary. Despite its somewhat ramshackle appearance, it offers a glimpse of life in the oasis cities of Taklamakán millennia ago. In addition to Buddhist frescoes and painted silks, it exhibits 4000-year-old mummies discovered in the Tarim river basin.

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