Babia Góra

A sleeping giant on the horizon of Krakow, Babia Gora is a haunting mountain that’s writhed in myths and legends. Local folklore tells of witches living on the peak. Don’t worry, though, you’re unlikely to encounter any hocus pocus as you trek to the top. It’s more probable that the legs will give out, especially if you opt for the challenging Academics’ Path to the summit. Think chain sections and some ladders cut into the rock.

Feeling the call of the wild? The so called Witches’ Mountain of Babia Gora is an accessible place to head to from Krakow. It straddles the Slovak-Polish border as it hulks some 1,725 meters above sea level. The climb is a challenging one, especially if you opt for the Academic’s Path and its craggy rock-scrambling sections. However, the views make it all worth it. The Carpathians sit in a haze to the south, while the plains of Malopolskie unfold with farmlands and forests to the north.

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