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Visiting Cape Town on a budget almost feels like a feat that’s too good to be true. Perfectly nestled in between the mountains and the ocean, Cape Town is, without question, South Africa’s finest metropolitan city. Whether you’re looking to relax on luxurious beaches, experience one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, or sip some of the finest wines in Africa, you can do it all without breaking the bank. Getting to Cape Town will undoubtedly be your most costly expense, but beyond the airfare you can revel in affordable Airbnb rates, modestly-priced world-class eats, and cheap admission rates to museums, day tours, and many popular tourist attractions.

Cape Town is famous for unique landscapes and picturesque ocean views that make it one of the top spots in the world for awe-inspiring sunsets. Take advantage of the vast natural glory of Cape Town and hike up Lion's Head to catch the warm hues of the descending sun soak up the entire skyline and sink into the water beneath- or settle down on the beach for prime seaside views.

The next destination on your bucket list // I've been saying I'm gonna go to South Africa for like 3 years now

Featuring the biggest LGBTQ+ scene in the continent of Africa, Cape Town has an open-minded point of view that secures itself as one of the most friendly destinations for LGBTQ+ travelers. The tightly knit Gay community of this vibrant city welcomes all with open arms. Along with a bubbly nightlife scene and plenty of cool events year-round, Cape Town features an awesome display of pride every February full of love and acceptance.

South Africa is a country of diverse ecosystems, beach towns, and buzzing cities. I'd stop by City Centre, Cape Town’s vibrant business and commercial heart, and browse their chain stores, surf shops, and fashion boutiques. Then, I'd the oceanic drive around Cape Point, go on a hike in Skeleton Gorge, and take the cable car up Table Mountain. After all of that, I'd hit up Bombay Bicycle Club - its bohemian vibe, delicious menu and colorful history would be sure to satisfy me after a day of exploring!

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