Kraków Old Town

As soon as the hangover subsides, wrangle yourself out of bed and hit the streets. Krakow is a stunner of a city. The Old Town – it’s main district – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, coming laced with weaving alleys and little squares peppered with pavement cafes. At its heart is the Rynek. At nearly 4 hectares, it’s the largest medieval square in Europe. Start there and take any of the roads that filter off. They can shepherd you to the old college of Copernicus, to the leafy Planty Park, or go under the gaze of St. Mary’s Church and its dual Gothic spires.

Between the shadowy alcoves of the Main Square and the mist-swirling Gothic towers of the Saint Mary Church, Krakow oozes tales that are sure to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. Cue the haunting walk throughs that are offered by Mysterium Tours. As dusk falls, they’ll reveal secret spots in the Old Town where vampires are said to lurk, alchemists once plied their trade, and supernatural goings-on have been reported.

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