Have you ever seen a bad photo of Maldives? I don't think they exist. I know absolutely nothing about the Maldives, but I want to go there based on the photos alone. For me, it conjures up feelings of a dreamy alternate world. Beyond the beautiful waters and luxurious looking hotel bungalows, it's my fascination with this unique place that attracts me to it. And a big part of me doesn't want to do any research about this picturesque Republic, other than reviews on resorts and excursions. I just want to go. Are you for real Maldives? I must meet you. Why it's on my Bucket List: Maldives strikes me as the most "Instagramy" eat-your-heart-out place on earth but it seems like the hype is real. I want to go here before I die so I can compare it to heaven.

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