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The National Park Service is hosting its annual Fourth of July celebration, which includes the Salute to America, flyovers from different branches of the military, and a massive fireworks display on the National Mall. During the 17-minute show, fireworks are launched from both sides of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool casting a red, white, and blue glow over the 12 memorials that punctuate the civic space. Revelers must practice social distancing and wear a mask.

It’s the History and the free access to museums for me! Washington, D.C. is definitely a city to get lost in the sights with and for good reason.

My birthplace

Growing up in California, I always expected DC to be stuffy and boring. Wow, was I wrong! It's a party town for 20-somethings, a foodie's paradise, and full of outdoor activities and natural beauty. I never guessed in a million years that someday I'd raise my family out here.

Everything worth seeing in D.C. is free, from museums to parks to entertainment.

When: April 17th, 2021 Where: RFK Festival Grounds, Washington, DC, USA With killer views of the Anacostia River, the 420 friendly National Cannabis Festival is held on the lawn at the RFK Festival Grounds in the heart of Washington, DC. In its 7th year, look forward to: a massive exhibitor fair with demos, swag, and gear, CannaTalk: a chance to pitch your own cannabis biz, weed weddings (!), a mouth-watering munchies zone, sessions, panels, and live music all day and night.

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