Isle Royale National Park

Just a whisker off the US-Canada border and fragmented from the country by the sloshing waters of Lake Michigan, the Isle Royale National Park is one of the harder-to-reach reserves on this list. Just 25,000 visitors make it there annually to see the lovely laurel forests and spot moose stalking the boulder-dressed shorelines.

Isle Royale is an isolated, rocky island in Lake Superior, Michigan that is steeped in scenic beauty and a prime spot for plenty of outdoorsy activities from boating to hiking.

Boat tour, hiking, unique wildlife

The Isle Royale National Park is about as close to Canada as it’s possible to get without straying over the border. Like a stroke of a paintbrush, it dashes through the waters of Lake Superior just eight miles from the top edge of the United States. And it’s a frontier in more ways than one. Come to wander on paths like the Tobin Harbor Trail through twisted pine trees. Come to kayak in deserted bays and pebbly coves. You won’t be disappointed!

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