This is the Tokyo temple. If you know someone who has been to a temple in Tokyo, it is this one. That is both the good and the bad of Sensoji. Sensoji is large, beautiful, centrally located, and well-outfitted for the tourists — the throngs of tourists who will be here. If you are looking for calm, quiet, and peace, there are likely better temples to visit. That being said, you should still go. Sensoji is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo (completed way back in 645 C.E.).  It also has a 200-meter long shopping street for all your temple tourism buying needs. Across the street from the main entrance lies the Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center. The observation level on the 7th floor offers a great view of Sensoji Temple without having to dodge and weave through the crowds. Also visible from the deck is the Sumida River, Tokyo Skytree, and the Asahi golden flame.

Even with the crowds, this famous Japan attraction can’t be ignored. Tokyo’s most popular temple: Senso-ji in Asakusa is a must-see. This massive temple is the perfect place to start when you first arrive in Tokyo. It will introduce you to the the importance of temples in Japan and expose you to Shinto and Buddhist philosophies, which are at the heart of Japanese culture. If you want to understand Japan, places like this (however busy they might be) are important. There are also plenty of great restaurants in this old neighbourhood to try ramen, curry, gyoza, and more.

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