Santiago is rapidly becoming one of South America’s hottest cosmopolitan hubs. Immerse yourself into a vibrant and colorful culture that serves up something for everyone. Whether you’re a lover of gastronomy, theater, art, architecture, or nightlife, Santiago has it all. Live like a local on even the smallest of budgets in this up and coming Chilean city.

Lively city, check out the street art

Even if you're not into the hustle & bustle of big cities, Santiago is worth some time to explore. There are so many barrios (neighborhoods) with their own specialty, whether it be different types of gastro experiences, art, music, or street performers. You'll never see it all, but my favorite spots are Bellas Artes for art and boho vibes, Barrio Italia for food and drink, Providencia for shopping, and Cerro Santa Lucia for a majestic 360 view of the city.

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