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The USA has been vaccinating its citizens at an ever-accelerating pace and has already started to reduce restrictions for those who have been fully vaccinated- including travel. Including active plans with Europe to begin easing travel restrictions, The USA is sure to be one of the easiest countries to access this summer. From sparkling NYC celebrating on the east coast to the endlessly perfect sunshine weather of California- there is so much to see and do in just one country and it is the perfect stomping grounds to get your travel back on.

Home sweet home. Even moving around in our own countries, Black individuals will experience many of the same situations as described above in international waters. The suspicious glances, the questions about our hair, differing attitudes depending on skin tone— this isn’t new to us. There will always be aspects to travel that we will have to consider that others won’t, but there are also so many more hidden gems to travel that can and will be discovered because of that. We search out places where we feel safe, joyful, and fulfilled. When we take these experiences with us, from country to country, we build for ourselves a larger understanding of the world. Having the privilege and freedom to travel and move from one country to another is not something that should be taken for granted, for any traveler. For those of you who have an American passport, you may recognize that even that gives you certain privileges. However you identify —culturally, racially, sexually, or otherwise—your unique experiences will shape the way you travel and the stories you will tell. TIP: There is racism and anti-Blackness everywhere. Internationally, and right next door. You will encounter situations that make you uncomfortable, angry. But you will also find places that bring you joy. You will find pieces of yourself all over the world, and when put together, it will be messy and beautiful. Be safe, be vigilant, and go wherever you want to! Forever chase adventure and freedom, by any means necessary.

It was my first international trip, when I was 14 years old, I visited North Carolina, New Jersey, and New York, where we had family. I wish I could remember more about the trip since it was so long ago, I forgot many things. But for sure I would revisit some day!

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