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Santa Claus city is a year-round Christmas destination nestled into the lovely state of Indiana. In case you were looking for holiday overload- look no further. Ideal for Christmas lovers who want to wear their Santa hat *everywhere*, Santa Claus is a spot for a packed festive itinerary and memories to last a lifetime.

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    This list is for the seekers ready with their Santa hats and unconventionally attractive sweaters for a festive getaway. Whether you plan to hit the slopes and enjoy outdoorsy winter fun, shop until you drop at decadent holiday displays, or engage with quirky small-town fun, we have scouted the place for you. With dreamlike, Christmas-card destinations, real-life storybook cities, sparkling metropolises, and cozy off-the-beaten-path spots, we are confident that this list will have the place for you. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Seeker!

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