Tokyo 2020 is an Olympics that definitely came with some…. Unprecedented circumstances, considering the games are actually taking place in 2021. Held in Tokyo, Japan surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the electric city, this Olympics has no tourism coming from outside of Japan due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We are living vicariously through daydreaming about Japan’s summer festivals, firework displays, and endlessly sunny & hot Tokyo summer days. Tokyo is one of our favorite travel destinations and we are already making plans for a safer future. Grab an ice-cold ramune soda and tune in online this year as the Olympics continue ahead- sans spectators- in Tokyo city.

And with the most Michelin star restaurants of any city in the world, Tokyo is a solidified *must* for food lovers across the globe. Even if sushi isn’t your thing, Tokyo has no limit to world-class culinary experiences from every country and plenty of delicious sushi and Japanese food at that. No city can quite compare to Tokyo, which has incredibly high standards that even cheap ramen joints have been designated as Michelin-level achievements.

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Tokyo is a hectic metropolis that is one of the most densely populated and sprawling cities in the world. Despite all the action of this neon-lit destination, Tokyo remains one of the safest cities, making it perfect for solo travelers. With restaurants often catering to the solo businessman, plenty of top ramen and sushi shops around the city have singular seating so you can enjoy authentic Japanese dishes by yourself easily. Along with one of the best public transportation systems in the world, plenty of English-translated maps and directions, and an incredibly helpful population, Tokyo is perfect for your adventure. Explore top spots like Shibuya and Asakusa but make some time to also take day trips to adorable surrounding areas such as Hakone or Kichijoji.

Tokyo is an incredibly beautiful city, full of world-class art museums, picturesque views, and the seemingly flawless balance of traditional and modern aesthetics. Libras will absolutely love Tokyo, with all of the cutting-edge design and fashion, plus a little touch of chaos that every libra loves to indulge.

Tokyo has an amazing combination of traditional Asian pieces with modern visual art experiences. From the sparkling infinity rooms of Yayoi Kusama to the huge anime flowers of Takashi Murakami, there is a reason this city has spurred so many artists to create such unique and culture-shifting works. Our favorite museum is the Mori Museum in Roppongi Hills. Situated on top of a skyscraper, along with housing amazing exhibitions, The Mori serves to present a breathtaking view of Tokyo from the sky.

It would be like visiting the future—flashing neon lights, incredible technology—yet there’s still a rich sense of culture and history. We cannot forget about the Sushi and everything Kawaii!

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