This adults-only event is an outdoor bonanza for bacon and bourbon lovers. Admission to the Memphis Flyer Bacon & Bourbon Festival on October 7, 2022 includes food samples from local restaurants and 15 bourbon samples. Musical performances add to the merriment, with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Memphis Farmers Market.

One of many murals displayed on two boarded up warehouses in midtown Memphis.

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  • Memphis’ Most Famous Foods and Where to Try Them

    Memphis is a bustling metropolitan hub on the banks of the Mississippi River most well known for music, Elvis Presley, and barbecue. There is a contested debate in the United States about who does the best barbecue - arguably one of the most iconic dishes in the country. Memphis, Tennessee consistently ranks among barbecue’s top cities. Barbecue can be found everywhere across town, and many of the joints are outstanding. Since the 1990’s, the city has been expanding into the world of cuisine and is now a delicious melting pot fueled by global fusion along with classic Southern mainstays. Here are some of Memphis’ most iconic dishes and where to try them.
  • Top Historic Sites & Landmarks in Memphis

    Memphis, Tennessee is steeped in rich culture, art, and history dating back to the 19th century. Although a landlocked town, Memphis’ vicinity to the Mississippi River made it a major freshwater trading route that helped grow the city from a few quaint homes and shops to a booming Southern metropolis. Memphis played a major role in United States history, from being at the forefront of civil rights activism to the conception of Rock and Roll music. Take a step back in time to the 19th century or the 1950’s and check out some of Memphis’ most historic sites and landmarks.
  • Iconic Spots of Memphis' Music Legends

    Have you ever wondered where Elvis ate his fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Where Johnny Cash performed his first gig? Where Al Green sang the gospel every Sunday? Behind every music legend is a legendary spot that inspired, fueled, and even launched some of Memphis' most famous artists. You won't find these places on a basic music tour. Let's explore.
  • Best Place For Hot Wings In Memphis, Tn

    Most people know Memphis for its BBQ. However, you can't leave Memphis without trying the hot wings too! In this list, I'm sharing the best places to order Honey Gold or Honey Hot wings just like a Memphian!
  • Memphis Restaurants

    Favorite restaurants to visit in Memphis
  • Memphis by the Locals

    While my limited time in Memphis didn’t allow me the chance to actually try all of these, they were all recommended by locals I met (mostly Uber drivers).
  • Memphis Beyond Beale

    Because while I love walking with my feet 10 feet off of Beale, my liver does not.
  • Worthy Eats in Memphis

    Sharing some delicious spots I’ve discovered while in Memphis!
  • Coffee Shops Worth Checking Out in Memphis

    Tried and true Memphis coffee shops that will give you that caffeine kick you need
  • mellow things to do in memphis' cooper-young district

    If your vibe is less stand-in-line-to-learn-about-Elvis and more sip-a-local-beer-and-mooch-around-a-local-vinyl-shop, Memphis' Copoer Young district is the spot for you. Cooper Young is known for its gorgeous gardens, local taprooms, cozy coffeeshops, historic bookstores, iconic vintage stores, and delish vegan food.
  • Memphis Hit List

    My Memphis bucket list while in town for TravelCon!
  • Most Instgrammable Murals In Memphis

    Most people know Memphis for the musical art. But that's not the only art form Memphis is praised for. From music to the performing arts and everything in between, Memphis has it all. In this list, I'm sharing the most instagrammable murals (& structures) in Memphis, so get your camera ready and strike a pose! Please note that some of these murals are identified by the address of the nearest building and may take you looking around a corner or two to see it.
  • Best Places for Music Lovers in Memphis

  • Outdoor Bars, Patios + Live Music in Memphis

    When the weather starts to heat up outside, Memphians immediately begin their search to find the best place to chill. And let me tell you, it doesn’t take long to find that perfect spot…or 3. Good food, great drinks, live entertainment, and favorable company (not necessarily in that order) are all qualifying prerequisites. With over 100 places to choose from, your options are endless. In this list, I’ll help identify the best place(s) for you to chill on your next visit to the Memphis area.
  • The 9 Best Brunch Joints in Memphis

    Like most places in the American lowcountry, Memphis is known for decadent brunches. Some of the city’s most classic brunch joints have been open for over a century while others rose to the occasion in the last decade. Try out a famous Memphis breakfast with Southern staples and global flare while you’re in town.
  • The Best Breweries and Taprooms in Memphis

    Memphis, Tennessee is a city with a hoppin’ brewery scene. From microbrews to old school taprooms Memphis has a rich beer culture that has gained notoriety with locals and tourists alike over the years. Locals say the secret to their outstanding beer production lies in the city’s water, but the pure talent of the city’s brewing powerhouses certainly helps. Don’t leave Memphis without visiting at least one of the local breweries.
  • Memphis, TN

    Aside from being home to the King, in Memphis you'll find inviting people, great BBQ, and of course amazing music.
  • the best record stores in memphis

    Music is the heart and soul of Memphis, and mooching around a local vinyl shop is the best way to get a taste of the city's vast (and wild!) music history. Here are my four favorite shops, well-suited for both tourists and locals.
  • Best Coffee Shops in Memphis

    Memphis has long been a cultural mecca. Filled with some of the best musical and culinary talent in the country, it’s a city filled with art in all shapes. Coffee is no exception in the home of the Grizzlies – you’ll find ample places to get your caffeine (or decaf if you’re into that sort of thing) fix!
  • The 10 Most Famous Restaurants in Memphis

    The city of Memphis, Tennessee has an ever growing foodie scene that attracts new residents and tourists each year. Some establishments have been open for over a century, while other newcomers have quickly become an iconic member of the Memphis foodie game. Check out some of the most famous restaurants to visit on your next trip to Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Best Parks in Memphis

    You know that Memphis is the home of the blues (and rock, gospel, and soul, among others). You know that it’s a place willing to fiercely defend its barbecue style. However, you might be surprised to learn that Memphis is actually filled with parks to add to your trip itinerary! If you’re looking to walk off those Memphis-style ribs, you’ll have plenty of lush urban and traditional parks to choose from.
  • Iconic Spots in Memphis

  • vegan eats in memphis

    Some of the best plant-based restaurants (+ options) in town!
  • Coffee shops worth the Java detour

    Coffee wakes me up, makes me happy and keep me going, but it’s gotta be a good coffee, ideally a flat white served with a smile. This list is a work in progress with my favorite locally owned, small or innovative coffee shops I have come across or can’t wait to try.
  • Nashville - New Orleans Roadtrip

    Nashville and New Orleans have been on top of my major US cities for a very long time. So I made this little itinerary a while ago and kept it aside for when it's time to go :)
  • Fun local dance clubs and performance halls!

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