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  • Every-day sights that make me grateful to be on this planet

    With Earth Day around the corner, I'm thinking of all the beautiful places that I've seen around the world. No, these aren't all tropical little islands or views that you'll find from mountain tops, instead these are some of the every-day sights that make me grateful to live on this planet 🌎#seekerchallenge
  • Best Locations for your Summer Getaway in the USA

    Explore cosmopolitan San Francisco, relax along the coast of crystal clear turquoise waters in Florida, or discover the thriving art scene of historical Burlington, your vacation dreams are ready to be brought to life. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a month-long excursion, we have selected our top destinations in the US. These locations offer great weather, plenty of activities, family-friendly options, and picturesque scenery, so get ready- this summer is about to be awesome.

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