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There are far more caribou in this land of sweeping Arctic tundra than there are people. If you’re determined to ditch the crowds, the Kobuk Valley sure has you covered. Its tracts of salmon-filled rivers and sand dunes aren’t even accessible by road.

Kobuk Valley National Park is culturally rich, featuring an ancient pathway traversed by both humans and caribou. The landscape is visited by migrating caribou in the thousands and consists of vast sand dunes, sparkling rivers, and plentiful wilderness to explore.

Kobuk Valley National Park is an arctic area located in Alaska, the park is famous for sand dunes, a wild river, and caribou that call the vast wilderness their home. Traverse along breathtaking trails, breathe in the cool arctic air and witness breathtaking scenery at this spectacular National Park.

Kobuk Valley National Park is where the Arctic meets sand dunes. Yep, you read that right. High hills of dappled sand rise as the Kobuk River weaves through the wastelands of central Alaska in the heart of this huge reserve. In the distance, the jagged peaks of the Brooks Range keep watch, gleaming with permafrost before endless tundra and trees. Great for photographers; awesome for those who love to go truly off the beaten track.

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