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Cherry blossoms are beloved for their unique and mysterious beauty that only lasts for about one week every spring, a central aspect of Japanese culture that places importance on the transition of the seasons. Tokyo enters spring with the telltale sign of pale pink cherry blossom trees blooming throughout almost every corner of the bustling metropolis, Tokyo-ites celebrate by having "Hanami" or flower-viewing parties.

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In Tokyo, artists take their craft seriously- whether its video art, design, or traditional painting. Along with plentiful world-class galleries to explore, aesthetically pleasing streets at every corner, or stunning fake food sculptures packed into a glass case at the food court, artists are sure to take in the unique visual culture of the city.

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Probably the foodie capital of the world(most Michelin star restaurants of any city)- Tokyo's famed food markets are a must-see for anyone heading over to this incredible destination. The Toyosu fish market (previously Tsukiji) has garnered international attention for its incredibly fresh, tasty sashimi and fish dishes that are truly like no other.

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  • Cities Known For Incredible Food Markets

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    Nothing motivates us like food when it comes to our travel destinations- and food markets allow optimal chances to sample as much local cuisine as we can in a short period of time (and often some of the tastiest. Whether it's exploring the buzzing night markets of Taiwan with iced bubble tea in hand, enjoying *the freshest* sushi in Tokyo, or trying Toronto's unique peameal bacon- these markets are sure to make your mouth water.
  • Spring Blossoms Around The World

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    April showers bring May flowers, and what encompasses the spirit of springtime than fresh blossoms flourishing alongside quaint countrysides and bustling cityscapes? These destinations are famed for different blossoms that perk up in the spring months- whether it's the mysterious pink aura of cherry blossoms in Tokyo to sprawls of wildflowers in Italy. Let's delve into the colorful and fragrant world of blooming flowers at these breathtaking destinations.
  • The World's Best Destinations For Creatives

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    Artsy travelers, this one is for you. Whether you're seeking cutting-edge individuals and innovative art events or massive museums to get lost in, these destinations are known for their overflowing creative energy. From the nightlife scene in Berlin bustling with artsy individuals to the breathtaking beauty of Brooklyn brownstone-lined pavements, these destinations encompass an aesthetic atmosphere that is guaranteed to inspire.
  • Places on My Bucket List

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    I haven’t been there yet but I will.

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