Toledo doesn't get the amount of recognition it deserves. It is a gorgeous medieval city only an hour train ride from Madrid.

Austere Gothic cathedrals, imposing citadels, and winding cobblestone streets–getting lost in old Spain provides the unique opportunity to live out all your medieval dreams. Having drawn weary pilgrims to the cult of Santa Teresa de Ávila for centuries, the UNESCO-protected old town of Ávila is surrounded by one of the world’s most well-preserved fortifications that comprises of eight massive gates, 88 watchtowers, and 2,500 turrets. Elsewhere, the winding cityscape of Toledo features its own foreboding castle perched atop a hill with twisting alleyways that wind down to the river below. In Segovia, the imaginative Alcázar is the real life castle that was said to have inspired Walt Disney’s Snow White.

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