Roll out the yoga mat and prepare to align those chakras, Yogyakarta is about as close as you can get to Rishikesh on the Banana Pancake Trail of Southeast Asia. A magnet for New Agers and hippies, it’s a whole city of temples and gamelan music, of batik workshops and yogi schools. Its spirit resides in the complex of the Sultan’s Palace (also called the Kraton): an ancient walled town filled with bazaars and mosque minarets. A short trip into the volcanos nearby can bring you to the eye-watering complex of Borobudur, too. That’s a jaw dropper, rising with countless stupas to claim the title of the world’s largest Buddhist temple.  

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  • Places I wanna go in Indonesia (outside of Bali) I live in Bali, and honestly, it's pretty hard to leave the island when things are as good as they are here. There's a ton to see around Indonesia though and I'm eager to plan some more "out there" trips.

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