Yellowstone National Park

Okay, so it might not have pioneer cabins or prehistoric Pueblo landmarks, but Yellowstone National Park was the first ever national park to be established in the USA. That has to count for something on the history front, right?

One of the most famous in the country, Yellowstone National Park is famous for its sky-high geysers and geothermal activity. Explore majestic peaks, cascading falls, miles of rugged hiking trails, and abundant wildlife at this beloved Wyoming National Park.

Yellowstone is easily one of the most famous and visited parks across the country, making it a great place to get your feet wet *cough*not in the burning hot waters *cough* in some epic national park adventuring. Make the most of all the cheesy but delightful tourist stops and spot some of the most iconic natural structures in the world.

Yellowstone National Park houses a supervolcano, a grand canyon, gushing geysers, and a plethora of wildlife and insects. Please do your research on how to act, in case of a bear encounter. You should be warned that simply visiting the park might make you suffer from altitude sickness, as the location sits 8000 feet above sea level.

One of the most visited national parks across the nation, Yellowstone has jewel-like pools, hot springs, and friendly wildlife. Take an afternoon off the road to explore the vast landscape and picturesque views of this world-famous park.

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Yellowstone hardly needs any introduction. The oldest of the parks, and one of the most visited, it continues to wow all who pass its way with a world of spouting geysers, hot springs, and prismatic pools, all set strikingly on the top of a brooding mega volcano. The great reserve spreads through three states but is primarily in Wyoming. It’s a haven for geothermal stuff – of which there’s oodles! – but also a wildlife mecca, hosting buffalo, bears, foxes, wolves, and more. 

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