Founded by the ancient Romans as a thermal spa, the city of Bath in England has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site along with other prominent Roman bath locations in Europe. With elegant buildings, historical bathing sites, and importance in British medieval history, Bath is a picturesque getaway that is bucket-list worthy for any history junky.

Bath is a quaint English city about two hours from Central London, and it’s really as cute as it sounds. The tucked-away town is affordable to reach by train, has plenty of shops to explore, and is engulfed with nature, making it an ideal day trip from London. 
There’s just enough to see in Bath in one day without being overwhelming. After your quick journey from London to Bath, start your adventure by exploring the city’s central shopping district, Southgate. Packed with everything from independent boutiques to high-street retailers, you can find practically anything here. If all the shopping has made you hungry, pop over to Framptons cafe for an affordably delicious brunch–try the buttermilk pancakes. 
Feel like royalty at Queen Victoria Park or for an elevated experience stroll along the Bath Skyline walk where you’ll see the city’s greenest spaces from above. Prior Park Landscape Garden is famous for its rolling hills and picture-perfect scenery, and no trip to the Georgian city is complete without visiting the Roman Baths.

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