The iconic colourful houses of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn district make up the images you’re probably most familiar with, but Denmark’s capital city has plenty more to offer. Although it’s at the higher end of the price spectrum, there’s plenty to explore for those on any kind of budget. Tivoli Gardens‘ theme park rides might not be open during the colder months, but the park is beautiful to explore when it’s all lit up with Christmas decorations. Elsewhere, take a trip to the Meatpacking district in the district of Vesterbro for any number of stylish bars, hygge-stuffed restaurants, and plenty of Danish charm. You’ll find at least four Christmas markets each year in Copenhagen, stuffed to the brim with all manner of traditional food and drink. If the cold air gets too much, make like the Nordics do and relax in a hot sauna like the aptly named CopenHot. You might even find that locals offer you a comforting cup of hot chocolate while you’re exploring the city. Rather than assuming anything unscrupulous, accept it with a quick “thank you” as it’s just another example of the Danish hygge culture during winter.

Ready for 29 more miles back to the city? You bet! If you’re lucky, you might catch some sunset shades while you meander back down the coast. If you’re feeling a bit exhausted from the day, you can hop on the train with your bike and ride back as a passenger, with ease. Get on the Öresundståg Line at Helsingør Street, and you’ll arrive at Copenhagen’s Central Station in a little under an hour. The last item on your Copenhagen bike tour agenda is to enjoy an ice-cold Carlsberg or Tuborg beer back in city center – two of Copenhagen’s finest!

Built in the heart of Copenhagen’s Quarter of MimersgadeSuperkilen Park encourages physical activity and community gathering with rad features like swings, monkey bars, a boxing ring, slides, skateboard ramps, and bicycle lanes.


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