Lucerne looks like a beautiful city. I would spend my entire stay here just walking around and admiring its beauty. It is also on a lake which makes it even more magical.

I love winter and snow, and being able to visit this medieval town in winter and explore the culture and architecture while it's covered in festive lights and a fresh blanket of snow is the ultimate dreamy winter vacation!

Lucerne might be small, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bursting with things to do. No matter where you decide to base yourself in the city, you’ll definitely pass the majestic Chapel Bridge, which connects the Old City to the rest of Lucerne. It’s also the oldest covered bridge in Europe, so you’ll be picking up a bit of history on your trip to this Swiss beauty. A boat trip of the Vierwaldstattersee is a must, and book a morning tour to watch the mist rise and the mountains reflect on the water. Central Switzerland’s terrain has a brilliant reputation for being both challenging and satisfying, so combat the handfuls of Swiss chocolate you’ve been feasting on with a hike up Mount Pilatus, nicknamed Dragon Mountain based on various medieval legends. Potter around the (traffic free) Old Town and wander down the cobbled streets to check out the Christmas market filled with stalls resembling miniature timber houses.  

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