Obviously, you've got to make a stop in the Capital City of British Columbia. You could spend days here- treating yourself to all the great Happy Hours or sampling a plethora of artisanal craft beers from some of the best breweries, but don't get sidetracked. Grab a tall-as-the barn sandwich from Red Barn Farmer's market, stock up on some snacks for the trip, and get on Highway 1.

My favorite city in Canada. That's why I live here. It's just the right size, with a supportive arts community, a booming tech industry, and natural getaways to water or woods in every direction. Cost of living is pretty high and the nightlife is nothing like Vancouver, but Victoria is an ideal place to spend a week of self-care before exploring the rest of Vancouver Island.

Victoria is a must see on your tour of Vancouver Island. Charming architecture around every turn. I strongly recommend taking a pedicab ride through the city. It is a real hoot!

Easily accessible from Vancouver via a short ferry ride, Victoria is one of the best cities in Canada. Small and compact, this old-fashioned town has everything within walking distance, including a picturesque waterfront that’s lined with bohemian shops, Victorian homes, and seafood restaurants. Afternoon tea at the looming Empress Hotel is a local tradition, as are the lively pubs and craft breweries below. Perfect for escaping the mayhem of the mainland, Victoria maintains its own laid-back holiday atmosphere throughout the year.

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