Anacapa Island

The Channel Islands and the surrounding marine park offer tons of opportunities to get cozy with nature but for the most stunning views of the islands, head to Inspiration Point on Anacapa Island.

Anacapa Island is a short 1 hour ferry ride from the mainland and offers a great option for an easy 2.4 mile loop that still delivers on magnificent views and the serenity of a remote island.

Anacapa Island is the closest of the Channel Islands National Park to the mainland. A short, 1 hour ferry ride will get you there. According to the National Park Service, Western Gulls nest on the island from April to August and can create quite a ruckus. You’ve been warned. Nonetheless, this island has some of the best weather and offers Such activities as primitive camping, fishing, fantastic wildlife spotting, diving and kayaking. Although the island only offers about 2 miles of trails, it is some of the best views around.

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