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  • Must Eat Sweets in Harajuku

    Along with eccentric fashion, alleyways stuffed with world-famous boutiques, and loads of Japanese pop culture; Harajuku is famous for its endless amount of sweets. When I first moved to Tokyo in 2014, the go-to snack in Harajuku was Japanese style crepes, but the newest trend in the area is Bubble tea. Bubble tea became so popular in Tokyo that you can find it at the convenience store or at local fast-food chains. Other iconic desserts from Harajuku are insanely fluffy pancakes, honey toast, and of course the world-famous Kawaii Monster Cafe. While the trends are always changing in the world of sugary treats, in this list I’ve included some classic favorites from the hay-day of Harajuku fashion as well as the latest spots for you. My Tokyo weekends were not complete without grabbing a bubble tea and visiting the stylish boutiques along Cat Street.

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