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At more than 500 meters high, the CN Tower looms tall over the city, an emblem of Toronto in every postcard. A visit is worthwhile (especially the glass floor at the top, which is profoundly terrifying). But most visitors don’t know that if they make a reservation at 360 Restaurant: the rotating sky-high restaurant, they get the same view, plus a meal. Yes, the two-course prix fixe meal is $65, but here’s the thing—the food is actually surprisingly good. If you want to skip the meal and visit the tower, you’ll be paying $30 anyway. Cross your fingers for a clear day and enjoy the food with your view.  

A couple that faces their fears together is bound to last, right? The city’s most iconic landmark offers the heart-pumping EdgeWalk experience, where you can hang along the ledge of the main pod that sits 116 storeys above ground. Running full circle along the 360 Restaurant, the hands-free walk is the highest of its kind in the world where, alongside trained guides, you guys can push your personal limits together. The icing on the cake? The magnificent views of the skyline and Lake Ontario directly below, making this one of the very best things to do in Canada.

Viewable from just about anywhere in the city, the CN Tower is the indisputable defining feature of Toronto and one of Canada’s most recognizable icons. The giant needle-like structure pierces the sky at 553m and was once the world’s highest freestanding building when it was built in 1973. The ride up the glass elevator is a thrilling experience in itself, whereas floor-to-ceiling window walls and see-through floors allow for panoramic views of the skyline and waterfront. In addition to a new perspective on the city, you can enjoy regional fare at the revolving 360º restaurant. For adrenaline junkies who want to take it a step further, the CN Tower also offers the Edge Walk, where you can walk along the ledge of the main pod that sits 116 stories above ground. 

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