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Padaria Estrela da Graça

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You’ll be able to smell this bakery before you get to it which makes you realize you’re going the right way. Queue up behind the old Portuguese woman waiting to buy their daily fresh bread and try to keep your mouth from watering from the scents overflowing outside.

chantelloura 3 years ago

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    chantelloura (Chantel Loura)
    Lisbon is the glistening gem of Portugal. The capital city will tease you with bright, unique architecture, sprawling views and scents that make your nose dance. Get lost in its twisted alleyways and discover the heartbeat of the city. The hills that surround Lisbon are not for the faint of heart and steep inclines can sometimes seem daunting. However, rest assured, there are still ways to enjoy the city at any accessibility level and all activities listed are located near public transportation or can be driven to.

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