From Peckham Rye Park to the photography-famous backstreet of Kynance Mews, wisteria blooms erupt onto the city’s scene from the end of April through May, and it’s everything you could dream of in a London scene. And then some. Cobblestone streets lined by mews-style houses with colorful doors, all drenched in wisteria blooms, make it like a scene from your favorite romantic comedy. Explore to your heart’s content, but please, remember that people live in these homes before you set up an elaborate photoshoot plan. Avoid the awkwardness when someone comes down in their PJs to grab the mail.

When: April 20th, 2021 Where: Hyde Park, London, England The UK’s biggest smoke-out, 420 Hyde Park, reached new heights in 2019 with thousands of attendees and well-organized stages for speakers, panels, live music, and peaceful protests. While there is often a strong police presence, last year, the cops’ primary focus wasn’t even weed. “We are not like the French police going in hard,” one sergeant told the Daily Mail, “I am more concerned for their health because there are a lot of pasty white people out here today.” Word.

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet utterly mad festival in the UK, Lord Mayor’s Carnival is the one. Lord Mayor’s Carnival signifies 804 years of tumultuous history in London. 
When: November 9th Look forward to: Parades with marching bands, carriages, military detachments, giant contraptions, dance troops, and ceremonial displays. Tips:  Plan your travel ahead of time! It can be difficult to get around via car during the carnival time as most of the city shuts down.

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