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With striking alpine scenery and distinct landscapes, The Swiss National Park is one of the most spectacular, sprawling, and gorgeous national parks in Europe. The Swiss National Park takes up about .42% of the entire country and is compromised of the ever-growing Alpes. Witness these magnificent mountains up close and explore the rugged landscape, friendly wildlife, and breathtaking views offered at this destination.

Swiss National Park dates all the way back to 1914, which makes it one of the oldest government-backed nature reserves on the continent. You can see why they put their finger on it straight away, what with those stunning jagged peaks that run along the border with the Italian South Tyrol, and the turquoise rivers that flow straight down from glacier fields. Covering the Western Rhaetian Alps, it’s actually one of the country’s remoter corners, with peaks like the Piz Pisoc and Quattervals topping the bill.

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